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As of April 16, 2018

Structure ORIX JREIT INC. ORIX Asset Management Corporation Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Limited Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation

Notes: 1. This diagram illustrates the main contractual relationships and contract counterparties centered on ORIX JREIT, in the case of real estate owned directly by ORIX JREIT. Those appearing here may differ in cases where ORIX JREIT retains real estate trust beneficiary interests or holds real estate in other formats.
Notes: 2. Excluding residential properties, in principle.
Notes: 3. Residential properties only, in principle.
An investment corporation established based on the Act on Investment Trust and Investment Corporations holds assets under management. Investment corprations are prohibited to hire employees under law, and are required to outsource operations. ORIX Asset Management Corporation has been entrusted by OJR with the authority related to the management of assets, and invests in actual real estate and real estate trust beneficiary interests with the funds invested by investors and borrowing from financial instiutions.

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