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Internal Growth Strategy

Management policy

OJR aims to improve competitiveness of properties and strengthen relationships with tenants through Direct Property Management utilizing ORIX Synergy derived from ORIX Group’s expertise and nationwide network. It also allocates specialist teams by each property type to undertake the entire process from acquisition to operational management in order to pursue its policies through Direct Property Management. These teams enable to build relationships to communicate directly with decision-makers of tenants, as well as closely manage and keep track of properties by managing property maintenance companies directly.

  • Property Management including activities to attract tenants or to enhance the value of properties is generally outsourced to an external property management company, which must also then be managed and supervised. However, OJR works with an external property management company to manage properties directly. We call it "Direct Property Management".
Management Policy through Direct Property Management
Direct Property Management Specific Measures
Improve competitiveness of properties ・ Be flexible during activities to attract tenants in accordance with tenants' needs (e.g., subdivision of rentable areas, change of use)
・ Facilitate tenant merchandizing (attract tenants who are new to the area and/or tenants to create synergy between tenants)
・ Add values to properties through strategic CAPEX (Improve interior and exterior and install energy-saving devices, etc.)
Strengthen relationships with tenants ・ Grasp tenants' business performance
・ Discover tenants' potential needs
・ Enhance tenant satisfaction through comprehensive business matching by utilizing ORIX Group's extensive business infrastructure and customer base